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Why Norwex?   

Safer For You, Safer For Your Family   

The Norwex collection of cloths, mops, dusting mitts and more allows you to clean with just water and removes 99.9% of bacteria! Now you'll know that your home is clean and safe for your entire family.  Norwex personal products provide you with an organic, natural way to stay clean, while Norwex household cleaners are made from raw materials, are biodegradable, and safe.

             Norwex Cleans BETTER           

Norwex microfiber simply cleans better than traditional rags and cloths. The microfiber removes bacteria instead of smearing it around.  This means your home will be cleaner, healthier and look nicer all while being kind to the environment and aware of the health of your family. Norwex  drastically reduces the use of chemicals in your home.

        Norwex Saves You Time     
Norwex makes THE most effective microfiber cleaning supplies and the Norwex system has been proven to reduce cleaning time by 75%!  Many companies have tried to duplicate the Norwex design, but none have succeeded.  Most microfiber that you will find in a retail store utilize fibers that are 1/6 the size of a human hair whereas Norwex uses microfiber threads 1/100 the size of a human hair giving you incredible ‘grabbing power’ to remove dirt, dust and grime from any washable surface instead of smearing it like "the other guys" cloths. And the best part is, you only use water!!

You will clean up spills and clean surfaces faster and more effectively than with regular rags and harsh cleaners - leaving you more time for what’s important to you. And now the kids can join in and help you clean and you never have to worry about them ingesting harsh chemical cleaners! Just grab a cloth and go!

        Norwex Saves You $ $ $ $ $     

Purchasing expensive and ‘gimmicky’ chemical cleaning solutions and so many disposable supplies will no longer be necessary because with Norwex you clean with water alone. Purchase your Norwex supplies and be armed to clean up any mess - safely, quickly, and easily. 

The average family spends approximately $450 to $600 per year on cleaning solutions, sponges, rags, and paper towels - so you save significant amounts of money when you purchase the high quality Norwex cloths as they last for several years. Imagine what you can do with all that extra money!

      A Greener , Environmentally Friendly

       Way to Clean   

Feel good about choosing Norwex. Because the superior microfiber technology allows you to clean using water alone, you don’t have to worry about contributing to the chemical pollution created by cleaning solutions each and every day. You also don't have to worry about throwing away the paper towels, old rags and cleaner bottles, what a relief to our landfills!

       A Certified Organic Personal Care Line   


Pop up Displays Can Catch Target Oriented People

February 5th, 2014 by

During these days, pop up displays are used by participants in a business show to give their stands a professional look and draw the attention of crowds to the stands for great promotion.

Really business shows are the best place for any consumer as they want to compete with the different companies that manufacture similar products. Basically the companies participating in these trade shows make it a point to show off their products and services so as to pull maximum crowd to their stands. Actually the pop up displays are used by reputed companies to display their products in an innovative and professional manner.

In the present situation pop up displays are used for displaying different graphics and attractive photos of the products which is the best method of visual advertisement. Pop up displays are durable and sturdy displays which can be used multiple times and impact the audience with their striking designs. Pop up displays match all types of stalls, whether big or small and can be used indoor and outdoor which is a great benefit of advertising on pop up displays.

On the other side, giant inflatable is one of the most popular inflatable products for advertisement. These are really attractive and effective way to promote the product or services in market. These inflatable items can be set up within 10 to 15 minutes and the installation of giant inflatable is also very easy. Not only that the transportation is also easy as they can be folded and carried in any cases. Generally the sizes vary from top to 20 ft. The range of these inflatable are enormous and the same can be searched for selecting the best suited and style for company.

In the era of twenty first century, there are various efficient reasons to utilize giant inflatable product. There are different sizes and types of pop up display. These are:

The attractive graphic displays grab the attention of customers. These are aluminum displays with magnetic strips and are made of high resolution graphics to attract large crowds. These are also illuminated with halogen lights which give them a bigger look.

Fabric displays are other types of pop up displays. These also made of aluminum frames and channels but these hold fabric made of Velcro for displays panels.

Convertible displays are used for displays of products and brochures. They make the stall look impressive and innovative. Actually the outstanding colors used in the fabric increases the look of the stall.

Tower displays are like cases and foldable pop up displays made of full glass and can be viewed from all sides displaying product and banners.

Table top displays can be transported easily as they have wheels in their base. Basically these come in rectangular and oval shape.

Panels’ displays are made with multiple panels which come in various fabric and attractive colors and designs.

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People are becoming more and more aware of what they put in and on their bodies. Norwex carries an organic personal care line certified by Eco-Cert. This remarkable includes organic day cream, shea butter, night cream, hand cream, body wash, body lotion and more! And with being certified by Eco-Cert you can be assured that these products only have the best and purest ingredients, as Eco-Cert carries extremely high standards.

Commit to Creating a Healthier Home for YOUR Family Today! 




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